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How to choose the right Web Domain

Easy to memorise

A domain name is a gate to your Business website. It emphasizes your brand. let your visitors remember it easily as they will feel free to come back to your site. Easy to remember implies also easy to spell so your visitors may not mistype and fall in hands of your competitors.


Your Domain name is a big picture of your brand. make it a sound that really speak. Be unique and whoever knows your brand will not struggle to find you online as you will be another stamp on the net.


Your web domain name carries a message. It is an important keyword whose relatedness to your mission, product or service in your industry makes it easier for Search Engines to find you. For example, you may not chose as a domain name for a healthcare business

Consider domain extension (TLD)

The web domain extension also referred to as TLD (top-level domain) is a as important as your chosen domain when it comes to purpose of your web presence. Mostly in business and commercial world .com is the most popular and it is seen as the most multipurpose. Depending on your business niche, you can also go for other TLD such as .org .shop .blog .business .fashion .boutique